The European Respiratory Society offers multiple short-term training fellowships for young scientists and early clinicians in the start of their research career to conduct research in a European host unit. The lab or clinic must offer a research technique not offered in the applicants home unit. The program is intended to benefit not only the applicant but also the home unit when the applicants returns home following the program.

The ERS offers multiple training fellowships with different specialties and aimed at various target groups. Short-term fellowships include:

  • ERS International Short-Term Fellowship
  • ERS/EMBO Joint Fellowship
  • Dr. Valia Kechagia Memorial Fellowship
  • ERS PAH Fellowship Supported by GSK
  • ERS Standard Short-Term Fellowship
  • ERS Short-Term Fellowship from Scientifically Developing Countries
  • Walther Guerrero Ciquero TB Fellowship

Key Dates: Applications are due on April 1 and October 1 annually.

Key Agencies: European Respiratory Society

Apply and learn more here: